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Vastu Shastra

What is meant by Vastu Shastra? Vastu Shastra is the process of eradication of weak power nearby us thereby allowing unambiguous power to take its place. It’s a truth that we are always bounded within the four walls of our homes, offices or any other buildings. At the same time, we must also keep in mind that some kind of energy revolves around the universe. The plot of land on which a building is built also has numerous energies associated with it.

The term Vastu Shastra originates from ancient India when people believed that the house itself is a living organism. Vastu Shastra has certain norms which requires to be followed. The various directions within a home belongs to different Gods. God Eshan takes care of the north east direction of your place which generally becomes our prayer room. While the Agni takes proper care of the south-east direction therefore leading it to become the kitchen of our home. Likewise, various sectors within your premise belongs to different Gods or energies.

How does vastu shastra help us out in our daily lives? It is said that the rules of vastu shastra has to be followed while laying down a home or an office. If your place is built following the vastu shastra directions then you are entitled to be comforted automatically. The energies will
help you out with complete mental support. At the same time Vastu also helps you to gain strength so that you can complete important tasks in your life despite of that fact that you are mentally not prepared. Vastu plays a great role when it comes to enhancing of personal relationships. Maybe you aren’t having a good relation with your family members due to some trouble. Its Vastu which can act as a life saviour at this terrible point of crisis.

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Vastu Shastra

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