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Gems and stones are worn to ward off the negative influences of planets as their vibrations corresponds to unique planets. Astrology finds out the suitable gems/stones for a person through astrological calculations that ensure overall growth and well being. astroguruvinodji best astrologer in delhi Accurate stones along with their correct weight and wearing method are mandatory to arouse the desired qualities of a person that ensure success. This accuracy depends largely on the astrologer’s sharp observation and experience.astroguruvinodji renowned astrologer in India, There are several stones listed for each sign, and in choosing your astral stones, you are advised to use the ones with which you feel a close connection. We prescribe gems and stones that strengthen or accelerate the desired results of a person. In addition, we also provide all types of gems and stones.

Red Coral is the gem of the Mars planet. It is advisable by astrologers to wear Red coral to curb the ill-effects of planet Mars or in Mangalik Dosha. Red Coral is also known as coral, Praval, Bhoumaratna, Vidrum, Angarak mani etc. Red Coral is also available in Dark Red, Vermilion Red, orange also

Diamond is the most beautiful and auspicious gemstone. It is of four kinds- white, red, yellow and black. It represents the planet Venus. It is believed that a properly cut diamond, endowed with all qualities and which can even float on water is the best in the gems.

Emerald gemstone is colored dark green. It is the gemstone for planet mercury. It is also known as emerald gem, green stone, emerald etc. It is called the third most beautiful gem after Diamond and Sapphire.
Pearl is known for its simplicity, purity and tenderness. It is also known as Mukta, Muktaphal, induratna and Moti. It is also found in red, pink, yellow color. They are found inside the sea snails.

According to Vedic Astrology, Ruby represents the planet Sun. This Gemstone comes in dark red to light pink color. Ruby is a costly and precious Gemstone. If the planet Sun gives good results in someones horoscope, he or she must wear the Ruby Gemstone to increase the power of planet Sun in your horoscope.

Cat’s Eye represents the planet Ketu. It is also known as Lehsunia, Vaiduria, Cymophane, Chyrsoberyl. Its name has come from the similarity of its physical appearance with that of a cat’s eye. Its color is pale yellow

Yellow Topaz is a very beautiful gemstone. It is the gem of the planet Jupiter. Its efficiency depends on its shape, color, purity and etc. They are generally available in every color. But people must wear them according to their Zodiac sign.

It is advisable to wear Blue Sapphire to curb the ill-effects of Saturn. Blue Sapphire also known as Neelam, Indraneel, Nelashma, Neelaratna, Neelamani, Shaniratna and Shanipriya is considered as the second most beautiful gemstone after Diamond. It is said that this gemstone can make its wearer successful and vice-versa.

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