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When it comes to Astrology, accuracy in predictions is extremely important. Since this is a science that is accepted both in India and across the world, very few individuals make a breakthrough on the same. One such individual is Acharya Vinod Kumar. He is a native […]

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Gems and stones are worn to ward off the negative influences of planets as their vibrations corresponds to unique planets. Astrology finds out the suitable gems/stones for a person through astrological calculations that ensure overall growth and well being. astroguruvinodji best astrologer in delhi Accurate stones along with their correct […].

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Your Sunsign

As the sun travels around the earth once each year, it moves through all twelve signs of the zodiac, spending approximately one month in each sign. The sign that the Sun was transiting at the time of your birth is your Sun Sign. Astrology based upon your sun sign is […]

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Vastu Shastra

Both of the Rudraksha are ruled by planet Sun or Surya, the center of Solar system around which all the planets Balancing the man and material in the best possible way is the main concern of Vastu Shastra which has been done by taking into consideration five elements which are […]

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Changing your name with numerology,change your life Free Numerology Reading, Numerology is the study of numbers that helps determine and reflect a persons characteristics, talents, motivations and path in life. Letters of the alphabet also can be represented by certain numbers, and thus the sum of numbers in your name […]