Get girl or boy’s horoscope chart anlysed in detail and receive answers for suitable marriage prospects – when will they get married, how will their marital be, compatibility with their spouse etc.

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Health Services
Health Services

Get Precise Remedies and solution for your chronic health issus. The remedies will include upaye, right yogas and nakshatras, which gem to be worn, best color & number to be used, mantras to be enchanted, power remedy...

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Get consultation for the problems in Business, know what precautions and remedies to be performed while starting a new business, find the reason for not getting enough customers, and stagnation in business and ...

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Get career consultation to plan your career favored by your Grahas and Nakshatras, know about the challenger you will face in making your career, get aware about various high and low phases in your career.

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धनतेरस पर क्या खरीदने से आएगी खुशहाली? कब है पूजा मुहूर्त?

दिवाली से पहले कृष्ण पक्ष की त्रयोदशी को मनाये जाने वाले ”धनतेरस” को ”धनवंतरि त्रयोदशी” भी कहा जाता है और इस दिन सोने चांदी की कोई चीज या नए बर्तन खरीदने को अत्यंत शुभ माना जाता है। धनतेरस कार्तिक कृष्ण

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इस बार सर्व पितृ मोक्ष अमावस्या पर है विशेष संयोग, 20 साल बाद बन रहा है ऐसा अवसर

13 सितंबर 2019 से आरंभ श्राद्ध पक्ष 28 सितंबर को सर्व पितृ मोक्ष पक्ष अमावस्या के साथ संपन्न हो रहे हैं। इस बार सर्व पितृ मोक्ष अमावस्या पर विशेष संयोग बन रहे हैं। 20 साल बाद सर्व पितृ मोक्ष अमावस्या शनिवार के दिन है। इस दिन श्राद्ध करना कई गुना फलदायक माना गया है। पितृ पक्ष में शनिवार के दिन अमावस्या का योग अत्यंत सौभाग्यशाली है।

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Chaitra Navratri 2019

Kya galat vastu se life mei problems aati hai

क्या एस्ट्रोलॉजी से प्रोब्लेम्स के सलूशन निकलते है

Migraine ki Problem se kaise bache

Depression kab aur kyu hota hai ? | डिप्रेशन कब और क्यों होता है

Property ka sukh kyu nahi mil pa raha hai

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He has given his expertise in a number of different shows which was coming at Sanskar, Divya TV,Sony Pal, Sab TV, UTV Bindaas, Zee Jagran, Darshan24, Shakti TV, Sadhna, Shraddha TV and many more.

  • Rajeev Purohit

    Rajeev Purohit
    I am a businessman. You made my horoscope around April 2006 and it was so good. I even got to understand things that you said months later, but you were so right! Thank you again for that. My problems seem to be solved, I am healthy again and the problems in my relationship are over - I hope...Now I would like you to make the horoscope for my daughter. Thank you very much again and I wish you the very best.
  • Ram Chopra

    Ram Chopra
    I am a Film Director. I heard about Mr. Vinod from a close friend of mine. I was going thru very difficult time & I contacted Mr. Vinod. I was skeptical about astrology, but Mr. Vinod's encouragement and timely response gave me peace of mind and I am better of today, and my situation is very much improved. Mr. Vinod's knowledge, astrological readings and most of all the explanations are very profound, precise and timely.
  • Mukesh Thakur

    Mukesh Thakur
    I am a Doctor. I was impressed by the accuracy of my detailed reading and appreciated how quickly I received it. Mr. Vinod was also very responsive to questions and provided helpful clarifications on important points. I would recommend this service to anyone seeking additional insight into their life circumstances and path.
  • Carol Dutta

    Carol Dutta
    I first consulted guru ji about 2 years ago regarding some career in modeling and financial problems. Since then I have taken many consultations from him and every time his predictions and suggestions were spot on.