What is Mangal Dosha?

Mangal dosha is a commonly found dosha. This dosha is also called Kuja dosha or Bhauma dosha. This dosha occurs when the placement of Mars in the horoscope is in certain houses that cause malefic influences. People, in whose natal chart Mars is placed inauspiciously, are called Mangliks.
Mangal dosha occurs when Mars is placed in the – ascendant, the second, fourth, seventh,

eighth or twelfth houseof the horoscope. To ascertain this dosha, some of the ancient Rishis (learned men) of India also checked the Chandra Kundli or the Lunar horoscope.People of both sexes can be Manglik. If a boy having Mangal dosha is married to a girl having Mangal dosha then the malefic affects are nullified leading to prosperity and a happy married life.

The most famous myth about being a Manglik is that if he/she is married to a non-Manglik then the spouse is bound to die. This does not happen to everybody. Such predicament is only true for horoscopes, which have a severely afflicted Mars. A good astrologer can do this determination. Approximately 42% of the population are supposed to be of Mangliks.

This dosha or fault has varying degrees. Some people can be strong Mangliks and some maybe mild. The milder dosha can be treated by prayers or chanting under the supervision of a Priest or an astrologer. It is not always necessary that the milder Mangliks have to get married to a manglik. They can easily lead a good life with non-Mangliks too.

If a marriage is solemnized without consulting the natal charts for the presence of manglik dosha, it can lead to a lot of troubles. Suppose either or the spouse is a manglik, then the married couple is likely to suffer from various problems like unnecessary arguments and undue emotional distress without being able to pin point the cause of the same. In many of the cases the marriage tends to lead to a divorce. To prevent things from going to such an extreme, the ancient sages of India recommended that the horoscopes of both the girl and boy be matched before marriage. If the horoscopes are found compatible then only one should go ahead with the marriage. Like always prevention is better than the cure.
Astroguru remedies for Manglik dosh or Kuja dosh.
1.Mutual marriage : When both person groom and bride are  Manglik then the Mangal dosh will be neutral or cancelled . and mangal dosh is not effected for both groom and bride and they enjoy happily marriage life.
2.Kumbh Vivah :
 According to Indian Hindu Vedic astrology  When Manglik person marry with a Peepal tree, Banana tree or Metal idol of Lord Vishnu then he or she resolved or negate or cancel their Manglik dosh.
3.Position of Mangal or Mars planet in horoscope or birth chart : 
According to many astrologers if Aries or mesh is in the first house in horoscope and when mars or mangal is in Aries or mesh  then  mangal dosh or kuja dosh is not effective as aries is in the own house or Mars or Mangal.
4.Old age marriage and offering the Charity :
 According to many astrologers a person who effected from Mangal dosh must be marry after age of 25 years.Some effects are weak after 25 years age in birth chart . Offerings to the charity on
Tuesdays are also a good remedy to get rid of Kuja Dosha. Some of the objects that can be donated to appease Kujan are red silks, knives or swords, foods made out of red dhal and red stones including corals.
5.Fasting of Mangal dev : Fasting on Tuesday is one of the remedies to appease Mangal or Mars. A person who observe the fast on Tuesday consume or use toor dal on that day.And chanting the Mangal Mantra or Navgraha Mantra after pooja on the Tuesday.Or visit the Navagraha temple and performing pooja in the temple on Tuesday.
cancellations of Mangal Dosha:
> When boy and girl both are ‘Manglik’. Than Mangal dosh is cancel in mutually.
> When a strong benefic Planet is placed in the 9th House
> When Mars is in Leo or  in 8th House
> When  Mars is in Sagittarius or  in 12th House.
> When  Mars is exalted
> When  Mars is in own sign Aries or Scorpio
> When  Mars is combust
> When  Mars is aspected by a benefic.
> When  Mars is debilitated.

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    The person whom I want to marry is Mr. Abhinav Goswami, born on 05/06/1978 in Jammu. He has consulted his family Pandit jee who has said that this marriage may not last long and have mentioned that I have mangal dosha and Mr. Abhinav is having Kaal sarp dosha. Please suggest us some remedies to get out of this dosha and get married within May 2014.
    Kindly help. Your valuable consultation is needed at the earliest.


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    what is manglik?i manglik,so,what can i do?

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